Hello and welcome to my space in
virtual realms;

I’m Cenk. In the following paragraphs, I’ll be humbly trying to impress you with my character and achievements without bragging at all. Which has always sounded oxymoronic to my ears when I witnessed others doing it. It’s like uploading your best -and probably heavily manipulated- photo to Instagram and say #nofilter, #hangover #ugly. Is anyone still buying this s*it?

I’m a creative & entrepreneur living in Istanbul who has expertise in multiple fields including real estate, advertising, graphic design, copywriting, ceramics and textiles. Since 2014, I’ve focused on real estate investment consultancy without giving up other professional side projects. You can find all my listings at www.investanbul.net with a bunch of useful information about real estate investment. 

I have an award-winning social responsibility project called 4 Duvar 1 Yuva which you can check out at www.4duvar1yuva.org for details.

I have 4 cats (or they have me, I don’t know), a guitarist without a band, two wheels enthusiast who loves to go to meetings with his Vespa. My two life goals are moving to Japan and having a personal masseuse.

So this is what I am willing to share about myself so far. So what about you?