• Piraye (Piroş)

    CEO (Chief Entertaining Officer)

    Never pleased, always judging but harmless and brutally beautiful furball outranks everyone in the team. She hates every living soul but she is destined to be loved by everyone. This dilemma is her curse for life.

  • Cingöz

    Head Of Security

    Blind as a bat, Cingöz never backs down, never gives up or gets scared. This blind ninja can solve any problems within the parkour when he sets his mind on reaching his target. Yet he is a love bug and can lick you for 2 hours without skipping a beat.

  • Kibariye (Kiboş)


    Beautiful like Piroş, blind like Cingöz; Kiboş is a heart melting member of the team who is still on ninja training.

  • Gurlak


    Twin brother of Kiboş, this handsome young boy with his Zorro Mask drops any object he finds above the ground to see if it breaks or not. Loves to sleep on heads and can purrr non-stop for hours if he’s in the mood. 

  • Cenk


    He’s in charge of maintenance, food, water, litter cleaning and you know.. stuff. He has to pet the cats WHEN they want to. Other times he should better be off sight.